Personal Training Client Testimonies:

"I just completed my first 4 weeks of training with Jason and I couldn’t be happier. I train with him solo for 3-4x per week and I have made so much progress! He knows his stuff and is very thorough. He provides consistent motivation and checks in often to make sure there aren’t any issues with major pain or soreness and if there are he adapts for the next time he sees you. Truly a master of his craft and I see him being very successful at his classes and training individuals."

Nina C.

“I am 45 and was looking for a way to challenge myself and still enjoy the idea of working out. Jason has done both with always checking in and motivating me to be better and gives me that extra that i need to push harder. Recommend him highly.”

Amy M.

“I joined No-BS Health and Fitness 3 weeks ago (September 2015). I am far from my goal weight. However I tried on a bikini for the first time in 3 years without cringing or picking out the “wrong” parts of my body. This place will not only assist you in helping with your fitness goals, but you will start to build body confidence from day one.

Everyone in the gym is helpful, supportive, and welcoming; Jason is the best trainer I’ve ever had. He’s informative, knowledgeable, kindhearted, and encouraging. His classes do not intimidate me, and unlike going to Planet Fitness or Gold’s Gym, he is there giving you advice and helping out every step of the way. Having someone who is respectful and believes in your goals is the key reason why I can now sport a bikini even if I don’t have the “perfect body”.

If you want the fast, easy way to lose weight, then this place is not for you. There is no magical pill, potion, or technique that will make you lose weight fast. Do not come here if you don’t have the mental strength to push yourself, the ability to work hard, or do not see fitness as an enjoyable experience.”

Kelsey E.

“I am a former athlete who fell out of shape and have had a hard time getting back into shape on my own. This program has been a great start, and the guidance and support is unbelievable.”

Ian C.

"I have a long drive to get there and gladly do it. This is a great place to get a well structured workout for beginners or for those who are more advanced."

Tyler L.

"I have been in this program since August... lost 15lbs and thats with the weight I have gained from muscle. so BAM!"

Jess H.


Online Coaching Client Testimonies:

“Jason is a remarkable man. Truly he is. From one of his articles I got curious about what he had to offer, coaching wise. I was shocked in the best possible way! To be so grounded, humorous, loving and kind, and sharing so effortlessly of true wisdom, it is a remarkable case of awesomeness. I cheer for the perspectives he offers to others! I have metaphorically been flying sky high in energy, inspiration, synchronicity, and grace since I had a fun coaching session with him yesterday. Such channelling which he offers is rare, and I hope many will take get in touch with this amazing being of truth, humbleness and power energy.” -Kine I.

“Jason has a lovely, unassuming demeanor. His energy shines through the screen and fills you immediately. The only way you can feel while speaking with Jason is elevated. The knowledge he shares is equally as deep and simple, it makes you really have “a-ha” moments. He breaks it down into easy to understand, simple terms by being a perfect translator of “new age” philosophies into easy steps, do-able stuff. Have a session or ten with Jason, you absolutely will not regret it and will come out feeling better, doing better and attracting better into your life. It’s totally possible! Thank you Jason : )!” -Sanja J.

“I just finished my master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, and your article I mentioned above involved the content that was the actual application of two psychological theories of my final course in Counseling Theories. Your article was amazing, and I learned a great deal from it. Additionally it is very sound in the science and the application of two very prominent psychological counseling theories that resonated strongly with me, and I have no desire to become a counselor…lol.

I have learned in my studies, particularly this last class, that you are definitely correct that ‘your thoughts, emotions, and actions are all unique variables which make up your experience in the present moment’. I now have the knowledge of how to apply my knowledge and experience to turning around my life and ‘living consciously’ and not let my emotions control my life.

I suggest anybody reading this to go to Jason’s website and download his ebook and articles. It is profound, deep, and spectacular in teaching a person the concepts and how to ‘live consciously’!!!! It can have the same results in others that it had in me…I am thankful for you to have written it, Jason. I thank you very much!” -Laura B.

“Just reading through a few articles, and watching the vids, has allowed me to begin to understand what I need to put the inner focus on and act on. Baby steps and goals, also.

You have much-needed perspective, welcoming energy, and I can tell you have been through enough on your journey that you speak from a very empowered, authentic place for others. So, I just wanted to convey my gratitude for your words. The “win-win, win-lose, lose-lose” concept was not even apparent in my reality – now I GET IT.

Sending my blessings to you and charging my donation to keep the energy flowing for ya. I wish you much success and continued joy in your endeavors. 🙂 Be well.” -Anna G.